Sunday, 17 May 2015

Pies and Thighs

So we're here! Good morning America. Which means meeeeeaaattttttt!!! After what seemed like a super swift flight due to the a couple of wines, hip flask of vodka and the odd 'sleep aids' we landed into a rainy NYC. 

Rocked up to our amazing air B and B. £55 a night y'all and we're ready to eat me and elz have now been #meatfree for 2 weeks now. The longest 2 weeks of my life BTW and we were waiting til entry to the U.S. To break our pact. We asked our air b n b hosts where's best to eat and they recommended 'pies and Thighs' a fried chicken place literally opposite our new pad. Apaz this place normally has yanks queuing round the block, but due to marginal rain, the type that would close down the district line for a week, the gaff was half empty. 

It was a kind of a warehouse style, open air, rough round the edges chicken shop, that also did burgers. Just what the meat doctor ordered. 

Jose 'the consumer' bass ordered a cheese burger with a side of macaroni and a fried chicken breast. Obviously. 

It was finger licking perfection.  Look what a difference a bit of meat makes. #happy #lovemeathateveg #5meatsaday

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