Friday, 29 May 2015


After a night in NYC at punchdrunk's 'sleep no more' where I got traumatised after a 'nurse' took me by the hand shut me in a room, put me to bed and kissed me. Don't ask, still having nightmares. We woke starving- Jose decided to put on a pre-breakfast show wearing his punchdrunk mask and boxer shorts OBVS. This guy is totes wastes on make-up, seriously.

Look at those calves! Sex on legs.

We headed to EGG for brunch, I've been before and I think it's one of the best breakfasts I've had. Plus they give you CRAYONS so we spent the first half drawing our emotions in emojis. 

Jamie showed his mood by not leaving the lifeless earth coloured crayons #drab. Apaz he was working in his brown period. 

I have NO idea what this mood is? 

The table emojis before and after our masses of food arrived. We ordered EVERYTHING. 

This, my new favourite breakie of all time is toasted brioche with a whole cut out the middle replaced by a runny egg (or sunny side up after some cow American had a go at me for saying runny. You know what I mean FFS) With stewed tomatoes and streaky bacon! Bloody Delish.

A plate of pancakes for the table..

Ham spinach and eggs

The Perfect hash brown! Although Not sure about a round sausage like..

Look how happy we were, except Kate stood on a chair to take this which was BEYOND embarrassing. Get the hell down crazy walking woman.

We left so stuffed, well not all. Jose went up to the waitress and tried to order half a fried chicken until Jamie gestured to the lady. NO! DO NOT SERVE HIM. Now we've ALL been turned down booze before, but food that's a whole new level. Aspirational one might say. 

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