Wednesday, 27 May 2015

National Rail Fail

A train means one thing. You can eat a picnic regardless of the time of day or whether or not you're hungry/just eaten, because you're on a TRAIN. And a train journey without half of Marks and Spencer's Simply Food just doesn't feel right.

As if it wasn't bad enough heading back to London from thecentreoftheuniverse Richmond (sob!) we didn't have a picnic. Or a packed lunch. So instead we had buy from (dun dun duuuunnn) THE TRAIN BUFFET CAR.

Unless it's a bottle of Coke or red wine, purchasing from this horrendous excuse for a shop just isn't acceptable. But needs must.

So we ordered the only two sandwiches left. A chicken, bacon and mozzarella bagel and a ham and cheese toastie.

 I mean look at that. LOOK AT IT!! It barely constitutes as food. The bread was spongy, the "chicken" was bizarre and the pig products were thinner than Alexa Chungs legs. Complete distaster. 

Obviously we ate the lot. Luckily though, to soften the blow we also purchased some wrapped products. 

By no means are these "corkers" comparable to the Food of The Gods (m&s cheese tasters) but at least they tasted of food. 

National Rail, you need to up your game......and if you're reading this a couple of complimentary first class tickets to Darlo wouldn't go a miss. 

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