Thursday, 22 December 2011

An Oxford Seventies Steak

At the weekend The Snake and I left london to attend dinner cooked by our favourite Mister Man (aka Tom Turnbull - 1st Class MA at Oxford.... Probably cheated)

We took the bus (I know!!) to Oxford, which has been home to all the greats... Churchill, Mygdal, J RR Tolkien, etc etc to reach our destination.... Krazy Kottage.

Nicknamed Krazy Kottage because the flat was left by a 93 year old woman who died in the bathroom and it hasnt been changed in decades (think pink carpets, crumbling ceilings etc) anyway luckily Mister Man managed to get his mitts on it for £210 a month!! He's quite vague about why he frequently visited the flat in the weeks leading up to her death but anyway...

Prep shots. Diced onion and garlic

Mister Man over a hot stove. The things dreams are made of.

And the master piece! Steak, chips and peas.

Which we agreed looked v retro, particularly with the mustard and mayo sides and even more so cos Mister Man had ran out of black peppercorns so we used white.

It was delicious!! Hence this...

Well done Mister Man and well done Krazy Kottage!!

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