Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Nellist Chritmas-part deux

Now the Nellist siblings are part of a broken home #passthekleenex, it meant we had to go through day 2 of Christmas festivities.

Which didn't seem to mean double the gifts (you all lied) but did mean double the food. Hey, every cloud and all that.

Here's middle nellist about to prepare his favourite food. Our dad's a fruterer don't you know. A sort of northern mark fowler with a mullet.

The boys preparing the dine.

The starter: smoked salmon filled with avocado salad, king prawns and caviar. Was delish, until I picked the wrong sauce and covered it in chilli dressing. Eldest nellists favourite cooking ingredient.

Sirloin steaks, the old mans boiler broke which meant we couldn't have the goose as planned (yay!)

Buy instead were having steak and homemade chips.

Was yummy and cooked to perfection, (only because I insisted eldest nellist took it out the pan early may I add)

The old man continued to plough us with red wine until someone finally got in the pool (sink)

I mean cyome on - what fifty year old living alone doesn't need a pool?

After the night was done the 4 Nellists walked home and I insisted on snapping the full journey and daring them to run through the graveyard. Grown.up.

Casual josh, casual.

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