Monday, 19 December 2011

A Change Christmas cracker

The lovely team at Change invited the LOOK gals round for our first Christmas dinner, the first of the party season, and it certainly didnt disappoint.

The bunch of hotties that is Look magazine sitting down to dine.

The Don Jonny Storey carving the turkey.

One Happy crack

The LOLZ oh the LOLZ

Seventies soph

Katie icantstopworking Selby, does friday night hair on the Eichler, who knew baubles were such a key hair accessory??!

While things hot up between troje and fenner after she tells him that David Dickinson's tan has got the edge. Why I ought ta!

The night went from bad to worse with a look versus change dance off, rach did the usual crab, Eichler rolled around on the floor and Jonny busted moves we didn't even know existed.

Ill leave you with Steph pole dancing round a pillar in her fairy light cardi. C'est chic!

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