Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The last supper

So the Downie Christmas has come to an end and there's only one thing for it. One last dine and what a dine it was...

We decided to give up on the rolled sirloin(fartomanyroastsalreds) and go for a family fav steak!

The Neens decided to go all out with that 80's cough cough 70's throw back steak au poirve. We're normally a béarnaise family but what the hell it's Christmas.

To make said sauce heat oil add salt, peppercorns and onions - more finely chopped than these i might add but we'll let Neens off she's normally more of an M&S sort of a gal

Cook for a while then add brandy and then cream...
And there you have it. Steak au poirve with a side of chips.

For desert we had black cherry crumble I've never heard of this flavour either must be an Oxford thing, but it was tasty none the less.

The final Oxford dine was washed down with a lot of red wine and an interesting story from my grandmother about a Christmas donkey that turned out to be a reindeer. Sorry did someone say london?

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