Thursday, 15 December 2011

A Salmon Dinner Party

Had some of the Look motley crew over to Muswell Hill for a dinner party. I had to feed them well, as according to them I live outside London and they have to pay roaming charges ( it's ZONE 3 ffs!)

Anyway for starters m&s bought goodies and asparagus wrapped in Palma ham. I pulled the mains out the bag (as in 'did well' NOT the m&s carrier) with a whole salmon (fish monger bought - ooo fancy!) stuffed with salsa verde roasted on tomatoes, home made creamed spinach and garlic green beans. All that without a south african maid in sight, get me!

Pud included 3 different cheeses (one of which a potted Stilton) frozen grapes and chutney. 

We got through 8 bottles of 'fizz', 3 bottles of red wine, sang 30 Lucky Voice karaoke songs (who knew me and Andrews actually sound like Adele?) and played possibly the bestest most funniest game of Challenj in history. Rachel Storey was EXCELLENT. 

 Oh and someone was sick. Don't think I didn't notice the toilet bowl miss-fire guys and whoever it was kindly OWN UP NOW.

All an all the yearly Stofberg-Look Christmas dinner was a roaring success (quite literally - thanks Lucky Voice)

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