Monday, 12 December 2011

Office's Eastern Delight

So off we went to Great Eastern St with Office's hottest.....Tobie Evans. And what lolz we had, from jungle duck curry to prosecco drinking games (correct, prosecco drinking games, that's how we roll). Which felt so right on the night not so funny the morning after.
Lychee and Butternut curry to which Kate said 'a real treat because it's not like you ever have lychee's in your curry at home'

Salt 'n Pepper squid finger lickin' good.
Tobes and Pet do a carnivore 'Lady and the Tramp' with a rib of beef. She's from South Africa... if there aint a hunk of meat involved, she's just not interested.
Wheato's prawn phad thai.
Kate makes out with a prawn dumpling, the things she did to an edamame should only been seen in 
x-rated video shops. The gal had no choice... there were no diet coke cans available
We had to take a pic of Kate and Fi's side of the dinner table post dinner. Animals.
Cleaner more sophisticated side, I'm not picking my nose btw....
The classic 'behind the bar' shot. That gag never gets old
The kind of bar tenders that will put you out of business. Mint leaf anyone?
The only way to drink prosecco.... in a fountain. Living in the 80's...
Cheers Office! Great times! And just when we thought the night couldn't get any better...

Fiona's prayers were answered! (god..pleasesendmeaginger...pleasesendmeaginger)

In the form of Rupert Grint from Harry Potter fame! Love the way he's keeping it real in a hoody. The guys loaded.

What followed back at his hotel room can never be revealed.... but lets just say we'll never watch The Philosophers Stone in the same way again....

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