Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Bicester Bird

After an evening bopping down Bicester Rugby Club (the second worst place in the world after Fritzl's basement as far as I'm concerned) to live sets by the REAL Phil Collins and Elton John,  Jeff "I'm not drinking tonight' Willmore was actually on top form to cook a Sunday lunch. Despite the fact his night resulted in him nearly getting run over by a taxi and er... this

Anyway he decided to cook a bird. DON'T PANIC the chickens (Catherine, Sarah and Steve Redgrave) are safe. Jeff made rare duck with roasted and green veg and a rich cranberry jus,  a la Gordon Ramsey.

Duck breast, pan-fried and roasted

Rare. The way the professionals do it. 

Jeffer was wasted in PR. Never mind Wycombe District Council, the guy should've been in the kitchen at The Savoy Grill

"Cranberry jus" (posh gravy then)

Roasted english veg

The in laws. Despite appearances Jeff and Anna (Janna) enjoyed the dinner as much as we did

And for pud, a delicious toffee sponge with vanilla ice cream, which me and Snake shared. 

Hmm...In retrospect it looks quite sexual....

Thankyou Jeff and thank YOU Bicester. Right orrrn shag!

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