Monday, 12 December 2011

Sunday night tea at the wolsley

After an extremely annoying day, the type where you chore all day and get nothing done, where you feel pleased you've changed the sheets only to realise you've put the tv remote controls in the wash as well #clunkclunkclunk.

I got a nice Christmassy treat by being taken to the wolsley for sunday dinner. Despite there being not one Christmas decoration (buck your ideas up wolsley the ritz is kicking your ass next door) we has an extremely delish dine.

1/4 pint of prawns to share. To be fair we should of gone for the 1/2. I had to restrain myself from taking more that my quota. I didn't succeed.

Followed by the most amazing roast beef in London. With a side of buttered spinach for her and sprouts for him, who knew people actually ate them out of choice?!

Made even better by the waiter singing throughout the meal, we never realised the wolsley also took part in Erasure hour.

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