Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wednesday's Mexican Fiesta... Arrriba!!!!

Wednesday night and me, Downie, our publicist J. Willmore and official photographer Mygdal hit Chipotle (chip-ot-lay) for a mexican banquet. Underlay underlay!

Downie and I started with tortilla chips, guacamole and hot hot HOT salsa. Doritos can take a back seat, these mamas are the real deal. Spice up your life!!

We helped ourselves to drinks...
Orangina - well, when in Mexico.....

When the others (finally) arrived it was time to order...

Wheato Downie was loving her taco meat feast. Chicken, pork and beef - not a shitake in sight.

I went for a chicken bowl complete with all the Mexican trimmings (beans, beans with bacon, guacomole, 2 x salsa types, onions, peppers... you know the drill)

(despite this pic I am NOT Jewish Orthadox by the way..)

Meisel Mygdal was third in line. After "a hard days slog" (she spent most of it on the blower) and a long journey into London ("I don't want to talk about it") the usual happy snapper was in a grump. Very downbeat in fact. Luckily 2 out of 3 of her cool and hip London friends, a publicist in a suit, and a delicious Chipotle steak bowl were on hand to cheer her up. And guess what it worked (thank gawd!). She even opted for extra tabasco. Well she is a fiery red head after all.

Check it out, a Persian eating Mexican. We should sell this pic to the Head of PR for the UN. The world unites!!

In between v important photocalls regarding our v busy schedule, first class flight bookings and book deals etc,  J.Willmore managed to wolf down a steak burrito (knew it) with rice. What can I say, growing boys need carbs

We finished our meals and were SO FUUULLLLL but Downie and I managed to haul our (now larger) asses into the kitchen (cleanest you've ever seen) for a tour by the lovely Melissa.

First up we met Adrian on onion duty. He'd chopped loads and there wasn't a Kleenex in sight - hardcore!!

(***** Veggies look away now*****)

Lara, was carving up a cow.

Downie, causing 'a stir' in the kitchen (lolz)

Me and Melissa in the walk in fridge by the marinating meat (Downie left after this point. She was 'toooo coooold'. WIMP.)

10/10 - lovely night, LOVELY staff at Chipotle and lovely food. Be warned Nandos fans, visit Chipotle and you'll never want to visit Nandos again. We'll be back to this place quicker than you can say Speedy Gonzalez!

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