Saturday, 3 December 2011

A birthday tea for Wawa

Sam's gran (Wawa) is visiting us from France this week and it happened to be her birthday on Wednesday so we did her a birthday tea.
Unfortunately she wanted Chinese, no good Chinese take always near us and it's a notoriously tricky to cook cuisine. So we relied on good ole M&S. Sammo 'made' Peking duck which I demolished to the point where Sam complained about my duck to wrap ratio (I was trying to keep the carb ratio down), sweet and sour chicken, egg fry rice, noodles, black bean beef and spring rolls. I have to say not one of my fave meals but Wawa was one happy lady.
For pud a coffee and walnut cake (blghrrrr coffee cake poss my worst flavour ever sorry Zoe!) but Sam and Wawa were happy and it wasn't my birthday after all. If it was I'd have opted for carrot, red velvet or lemon (take notes people).

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