Monday, 12 December 2011

This weeks pack-up-ratatouille

Well, I say this weeks, but if I'm
Hons it's more like every week. I've perfected it after many attempts, to which Kate Andrews now refers to it as 'restaurant quality' Nigella who?

Chop up onion, mushrooms, courgette and aubergine, normally there'd be peppers but the Baltic weather conditions (I've been to brazil don't you know) meant I couldn't be arsed to go to amins cornershop.

Cover in olive oil, salt and pepper and oven roast til ready. Meanwhile add more oil to a pan and fry off garlic and dried chillis.

When done add the veg, tomatoes, tomatoe purée, basil and white wine.

Distribute into Tupperware and serve with mozzarella (after being re-microwaved at work, unlike chips, mozzarella doesn't work quite so well being triple cooked #dryassand) add a side of rocket and Parma ham and that's work lunch sorted?

I wonder what Anna Wintour takes in for pack up?

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