Monday, 9 January 2012

Detox drinking - strawberry and banana smoothie

Half the look fashion desk are giving up booze for January and yes we know this is serious. This is like Cheryl cole without hairspray or Jennifer Aniston without a nipple erection. Just.not.natural.

But we said we'd do it so we must. I decided to take the whole thing v seriously by making daily detox smoothies.

Chop up strawberries and bananas, juice a lime and grate up some ginger.

Put all the ingredient and juices of your choice into a food processor. I used a mixture of apple and orange.

Whizz up and easy peasy 2 of your five a day done. Watch you're back Innocent- we're after ya.

NB. Apologies to my mother who tried to get me to drink these throughout my teenage years. #mumsarealwaysright

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