Monday, 30 January 2012

Wymers Do Sunday Lunch

Me and Snake took a trip Westside (a rare occurrence, we is true to our east side roots innit) to visit the Wymers for a Sunday lunch... With a difference.
The order of the day was soup. Soup??!!! Yep - but not just any old tinned tat. The most delicious soup I ever did taste.

Jamie's cauliflower and Stilton with bacon bits and rosemary rubbed sourdough toast. Layer the lot up in casserole dish and bake

Soup love. John complained that the toast bits looked like sausagemeat and therefore a false promise and Snake kept asking what was for main.
I declared it the best meal of 2012. Take note soup lovers!

Edie turned her nose up and opted for mushy peas instead

There just ain't no pleasing some people.......,

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