Wednesday, 4 January 2012

An Epic Christmas at The Twine

Move over 25th Dec.. there's a new date on da block. Us cool kids Eastside had our second (or third in my case) Christmas on 30th at Twine Terrace and wowsers what a Christmas it was - our menu was longer than Mygdals CV! Me, Snake, Nellist, Downie, Lynne, The Turtle, Jones, Mygdal and Hendo kicked up a storm that even Santa would be jealous of (or maybe horrified by, given the late night antics...).

Me and Snake arrived at The Twine greeted by this...

and a big CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Yep we're engaged (presents welcome), we had confetti guns sprayed in our faces (bad idea FYI, Nellist now has them embedded in her floor over the entire house) and even personalised, handstitched bunting and origami decorations - who needs Kirsty Allsopp?!
 No seriously... who DOES need Kirsty Allsopp?

The house was decorated beyond belief, these tables would put Claridges to shame

We didn't do things by halves.. fox masks and Primark snowflake printed onesies were the only way to go. Lets just say the boy's could have done with theirs being slightly longer in the body....

Starter was down to me and Snake; Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs (runny), roasted tomatoes on the vine and parsley (purely for effect).
Oh and champagne. Whatevs...

Next up; the canapes, provided by Downie and The Turtle. A very lavish affair of pigs in blankets, scotch eggs, ham, tomato and mozzarella, crinkle cut crisps (apaz NOT McCoys... I asked) and er.... dim sum. It was nice (kind of).

These sausages were particularly delicious Adi

Can I also add that these tomatoes were nicked from the breakfast course

After the canapes it was times for games.  Mygdal fell off her chair (drunken mess as per..)  and during one of us acting out Julius Ceasar in charades claimed  "I've never heard of him" much to R.E. teacher Jones' disgust. She did however love the "mixed variety" of canapes.

Nellist and Lynnes main course was restaurant quality (even better than her ratatouille would you believe). She did a roast ham, winter coleslaw, creamed spinach, bubble and squeak cakes, blue cheese and walnut salad, and sundried tomatoes (see previous post) and rocket.


Winter coleslaw
The feast

Nellist prepping ham

Things got quite drunken later but we we managed to be sober enough to try Jones' delicious choc clementine log. This gal taught Delia how to bake. And also Hendo it seems as he arrived later with a tin of homemade biscuits (made by his own fair hands) in shapes that confused him "what's this supposed to be Jonesy??"    "A rabbit darling"

After this and waaay more cava/baileys (we'd ran out of champagne) was a cheese board. Which I actually never realised/remembered until now....
I'm sure it was delicious nontheless. 

The rest is a blur... we stayed up til 5... I slept on my sofabed with Mydgal in favour of my own bed with new fiance (I promise never to use that word again, just vommed a little bit in my own mouth)

A brilliant, amazing, excellent day with special thanks to JODIE NELLIST!!
So we finish this post with a movie.
A MOVIE????!!!!!
Yep.........................whatdidyouhaveforyealastnight just got technical.

Beware sound levels

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