Monday, 16 January 2012

Sunday's Rack Of Herb Crust Lamb

Another browwwnnn post I'm afraid. So after Chrimbo in SA, (lovely thanks for asking) I was feeling rather home sick for the old country so I whipped up a bit of, you guessed it, lamb! This time a posh version of a chop, the rack of lamb. It was only myself and Sam so it wasn't a huge feast or many pics but here is my Sunday dinner...
Herb curst made out of rosemary, parsley, thyme, sourdough breadcrumbs (because we hadn't finished our Gail's loaf over the weekend), lemon zest, wholegrain fresh mustard and anchovies. Butternut squash mash and lemon  blanched spinach.
Close up of the lamb, not as pink as I'd have liked but the crust kept it moist (sorry gals I know you don't like that word but it is the best way of describing my lamb)
And for pud a little bit of beef biltong- and what?! 

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  1. Moist is also a good way of describing Pet's other delights...