Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wednesday Night Dine: Pizza Express

There's nothing like a bit of pep-me-up pizza on a wednesday night, especially when three of look's finest fashion assistants and pizza express are involved. Ridge had got chummy with the PR (she's got da contacts) so we dined out sampling the new leggara menu. For the non Express obsessives, its the low(er) cal pizzas where they cut the middle out and stuff the hole with rocket. As per we couldn't decide what to have so we thought when in rome and ordered one of each. I'm a fashion assistant not mathematician but with 6 pizzas, 3 assistants, and 500 cals in each pizza thats, well, a lot. We were also offered the new low cal wine (100 kcals a glass) but opted for 2 bottles of full fat pinot grigio. Better not get started on the puddings (choc glory, ice cream and cheesecake FYI). We could teach bulimics a thing or two about binge eating. Pizza express should be renamed pizza excess. I.feel.sick.

P.S please note before and after shots

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