Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Saturday night- vegetarian lasagne

Saturday nights in jan couldn't get more rock and roll if they tried. boardgames, home made lasagne, herbal tea, I tell ya this shizzle was off da hook.

Anyhoo back to business, a delia veggie lasagne.

Chop the veggies, red onion, tomatoes, aubergine, cougettes, mushrooms. Cover in olive oil and seasoning and roast til the edges start to brown.

In the meantime make the cheese sauce, put flour and butter in pan and make a roux, add nutmeg and milk and keep storing til the sauce thickens. Then add in plenty of cheese, and when you think you've added enough, add more.

Get a suitable dish, pour in one third of the cheese sauce, add the roasted veg and add big chunks of mozzarella.
Add a layer of lasagne sheets and repeat.

-et voila a veggie lasagne with a side of sausages for the boys. Okay okay I had a couple too.

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