Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Monday Night- The Apology Tea

So in one whole year, this is the first full meal the love interest has ever cooked me.

And the reason for said apology meal was when...... popping to the local for last orders turns into a 3am wakeup call accompanied by a suspicious looking dolphin stamp.

Oven cooked salmon with spinach (picked up instead of rocket) tomatoes, coleslaw and new potatoes.

Now..... This may not look much but this was a BIG deal, before, I've only ever had a burnt omelette and sporadically distributed cheese on toast. This meal was simple but effective and extra points for the fact he bought salmon to please me when he actually wanted steak.

However what was even more effective in the apology stakes was the bunch of McQueens flowers delivered earlier in the week. Yes I'm not ashamed, I can be bought by gifts.

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