Friday, 13 April 2012

Aintree Races With Matalan

I felt a bit ropey this morning (thanks Boudoir) but after applying some sequins and a layer of fake tan I was Liverpool ready. 1st class Virgin (train service not companion), champers and smoked salmon and scrambled eggs made for a great start to the day. We had a lovely day looking at all the Matalan style contestants and posing for paps - I believe the daily mail have the exclusives.

Pour luncheon we had a parmesan risotto cake and parma ham, followed by duckling montmorency and then walnut whip baked alaska, which has to be the sweetest thing i have ever eaten in my entire life. Apart from all those german pastries and nutella sandwiches i was force fed as a child, obvs.

I had my celeb spot hat on, but the most famous people i saw were jeff 'you make me fancy essex accents' brazier and that john horse commentator man who was sporting a very victoria beckham inspired animal motif coat/tent.

There were unfortunately two downsides to the day. 1) i discovered three year old garnier fake tan does not work and i henceforth felt very pale. 2) i now have an unhealthy addiction to betting on the nags. Thankfully there is a betfred on commercial road.

I did not find a husband (again) but Toni Jones of the sun fame kept flirting with the adolescent train trolley dolley,(male) on the way home. i think the miracle grow, which she had clearly been using to dose up her 'blooming marvellous' head gear made her a bit giddy

Got to go now betfred closes soon.

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