Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Japanese Buffet Breakfast

The Andrews/Willmore Japan tour continues and our hot springs hotel in Hakone included a buffet breakfast.

Now, a buffet breakfast excites me for 3 reasons; 1) I LOVE breakfast #favemeal 2) it's a buffet meaning you can have a bit of everything, savoury then sweet and 3) as its included, frequent re-visits to the buffet table to eat more aren't just allowed, they're a necessity to get your money's worth. It's like a guilt free pass to eating til you feel sick. Ace.

However my excitement was short lived when I saw the offerings.

Miso soup? No thanks
Clear soup? No thanks
Rice? FFS! Get over rice already!
Leeks with a kind of bacon?
Er... Sorry what?! That's right. There in black and white was a little label saying 'leeks with a kind of bacon'. Now I'm not sure what "a kind of" bacon is but I wasn't willing to find out so opted for this safe, albeit, slightly strange combo....

Cornflakes with plain yoghurt and blueberry compote. Obviously several trips to the buffet table were made in order to fill me up and I was slightly annoyed afterwards when I saw milk was available so I could have had a proper bowl of cereal like a normal person.

Jake, going with tradition in terms of food as well as dress went for this...

Rice, noodles, leekswithakindofbacon and meatballs. Which he enjoyed. Any excuse for meat and a double non-complex carb I said.

We dined over a view of Mount Fuji (that's just the snow capped peak- it is in fact a mountain not a hill)

Stocking up on snacks after brekkie for an imminent train journey check out what we chose NOT to buy...

Wasabi KitKat.

W. T. F.

As if KitKat Orange or KitKat Dark aren't taking the piss enough already they churn this b*stard out. Quit messin' with a classic I say.

I'm not quite sure who to blame, NestlĂ©™ or the Japs??!!

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