Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Sushi Breakfast

The Andrews/Willmore Japan tour was coming to a close so we decided to slip in an early morning visit to the best fish market in town for "the best sushi you've ever tasted" (quote, Jakes cousin).

Now, the deal is you have to get there early which meant setting our alarms in the hour of five. Yes five!!!! This of course made Jake crabby (more fish jokes to come) and he didn't speak for a whole hour before eventually muttering "don't even like fish..."

We arrived and something smelt fishy. No really, the fishy odour had wafted all the way to the local subway. We then had to queue for half an hour under instruction of a cute Japanese granny in a mac who waved her hands dramatically if we stepped so much as an inch out of place. Alright, keep yer hair on love.

Our menu looked like this. Easy!

Jake decided he would eat after all and we pointed to the safest looking option and nodded our heads. Tuna, salmon and fish roe with a bit of that Japanese omelette thing

It of course came with miso and pickles and green tea. We couldn't eat it all but they said if we wanted a doggie bag they'd fillet.

Now don't get me wrong. The sushi was AMAZING. We're talking melt in your mouth stuff. Certainly got my seal of approval. But there is a time and plaice and fish eggs at 8 am are pretty hard to stomach. Particularly as afterwards we went to see exactly where our brekkie had come from

Bad ass

Regimented. Wouldn't get it that neat down Billingsgate.

Some friends of Petros

Biggest scallops ever (I think)

Hewwo!! You won't look so happy in a minute mate


A thoroughly enjoyable morning, we had a whale of a time, despite the fact it ended in a row (early morning you see). But hey, it's cool, there's plenty more fish in the sea.

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