Thursday, 12 April 2012

Miracle Defying Disney Chicken

En route to Tokyo Disney and Jake says to Andrews "are you excited?!" my reply was of course "yes, for food. I'm starving".

Well I neednt have been after seeing the ranko food Mickey and Co had to offer.

After seeing the breakfast options I wasn't holding out much hope for lunch

Don't get me wrong I like a muffin, but they're not exactly rustic are they? MSG springs to mind and does EVERYTHING have to be Mickey shaped?! We get it!! We're in Disney!! Plus it's not exactly fair. Donald and Winnie didn't get a look in.

Anyhow come lunch we decided upon the Queen Of Hearts Restaurant whose speciality was rotisserie chicken. A winner surely?!

Of course, with it being Disney we had to queue. But who cares about queuing for f*cking ages when you're starving when you've got these guys to entertain?!

Major LOLZ.

After queuing to get in, queuing for our food, then queuing to sit down whilst said food was getting cold my stomach was beginning to eat itself and my hip bones were at risk of cutting passers by so I had no choice but to eat what was in front of me

Half a roast chicken with "veg"

The "veg" was broccoli boiled to within an inch of its life and boiled potatoes. I mean seriously, who boils potatoes in 2012?!

The reason I have named this post "miracle defying" is that it's the only time I have eaten and once finished there has been more on my plate to begin with.

I'm not even a Nando's fan but seriously, Peri Peri pisses all over the The Queen of Hearts. Come to think of it I never actually saw any live chickens in Japan so god knows what it was.

Maybe I should of gone for Jakes heart shaped burger with poached egg combo (wtf?!)

Not forgetting the grated carrot garnish. MmmmMmmMmmm.

Fine dining for just a mere £35. (!!!!!!!) All smiles and innocence on the outside I tell ya but those characters are nothing but scheming rip off merchants.

Sorry Mickey but we'll pass on dessert thanks. And I suggest you stop prancing up and down 'Main Street' getting your photo taken and spend more time employing quality staff in your dining departments.

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