Sunday, 15 April 2012

The mega chocolate brick torte

It's not actually called that, it's a "Bitter chocolate and hazelnut torte" by the River Cafe peeps (they obvs gave me the receipe as a personal favour but the plebs can now get it from their recipe books).
But thanks to two oversights I've had to rename it...
1) the recipe called for 16 eaters-we were 6.
2) although deliciously rich and possibly the best pudding I've mastered, it lies on ones stomach much like a brick.
So my tip is make it, but have an army of chocoholics to feed and the addition of ice cream is the perfs mortar.
500g dark chocolate.
500g butter
500g hazelnuts
500g sugar (no kcals in it clearly)
And 12 eggs!!!The ingredients should have been the clue.

Mix butter and sugar till soft, melt dark chocolate mix that in. Then beat in eggs to the mixture slowly. Lastly add chopped hazelnuts and mix well.Bake at 160 for 45/50 mins and voila- brick cake.

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