Monday, 30 April 2012

Get better soon breakfast

After falling ill with dangerously low blood pressure (ok I added the word dangerously but it's all in the art of story telling. No?)
I was diagnosed with gastroenteritis, had to call out the emergency doctor and was given an anti-sposmadic drug intravenously.

Now if I'd ever taken a Valium (of course i havent mum) I would imagine this to be similar to about 10, blurred vision and walking on clouds. #dreamy.

In addition to this the doctor said I mustn't eat seafood or chilli #sickjoke and made the kitchen whip me Up some rice congee and ginger tea.

Now congee is a type of
Rice porridge available in most Asian counties that left me gagging after 1 mouthful.

I decided to pimp mine
With honey and raisins which made it just about bearable...
Jose goes for Fish sauce and chicken, but then again he is pretty much Vietnamese, or so the whole Of Vietnam Thought anyway....

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