Friday, 13 April 2012

Thursday Cocktails With Boudoir

Natasha and Judy, aka the gals at Boudoir aka the PR gurus behind Missguided, Lipsy and Galibardy (talking shop over) took myself, Story and the Ridge out to the London Cocktail Club for a good ol' catch up. Stofberg tagged along but she was meeting a friend - since when did paying for your own drinks get cool? Anyway, since we'd had a tough week looking at shoes, bags and dresses #stressful, cocktails in copious quantities were just what the doctor ordered (prescription, fact). My fave was brambly apple smash, such a good way to get one of your five a day and get drunk, two birds one stone and all. Natasha had something in a teacup, although she left the custard creams, whatareyoudoing. And because there was a 'like it or we'll give you your money back guarantee' (hello asda-esque marketing) we ordered a bacon and egg cocktail for the table. Literally smelt like a full english, and tasted a bit like feet. Cue white wine. Needless to say we all left a bit worse for wear, 6am rise for Aintree races the next morning so not ideal. Thankyou very much Boudoir we heart you and your catwalk copies (without which I might be out of a job).

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