Monday, 30 April 2012

We Love Morning Glory

Not the oasis song, nor a little bit of over excitement in the morning but our favourite restaurant in Hoi an which we visited many times, despite the annoying little shit with the annoying gazoo.

And they let us keep on coming (no pun intended) (( apologies that gag even made me cringe)) despite the fact that each night we spiked our juices extremely unsubtely with the compulsory vodka spike, (well the trip budget only goes so far you know?)

Anyway down to the food.

Amazing amazing shrimp summer rolls

Giant king prawns and veg tempura

The mike mills favourite squid stuffed with shrimp

Chilli beef salad, amazing

And.... The ben cooke
Favourite the infamous 'morning glory' or water spinach to those in da know. A must try and also available in viet grill on kingsland road #winwin

There was much more amazing nosh but it was so tasty that each time I went to take a pic I realised we'd eaten it all.

Worth a trip to to Hoi An for this alone. We <3 Morning Glory

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