Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tummy Trouble

Now although many people think fashion trips away aren't hard work .........for reference please See below The Nam Hai floating spa islands.

All us fashion trippers know that this is NOT the case, not only do we generally survive on less than 5 hours sleep we also tend to fall ill. (all that foreign muck innit) please refer to exhibit A, Hannah vomming on a models hair on the way back from Argentina, exhibit B Fiona's 6 month pregnant belly after unknowingly eating wheat in Croatia and exhibit C Jill almost passing out for heat stroke in brazil. #sufferingforfashion

So a member of the team who shall remain nameless for dignitys sake (clue: she once touched Jeremy Beadles hand) fell ill with a chronic case of stomach cramps. Note the euphemism.

However imagine the shock/surprise when a home remedy cure was available in a local restaurant.

'firm up ones insides' was a drink that consisted of warm orange juice, salt, honey and water.

Tasted alright, did nothing, #hippyshit, so after approximately 9 more toilet trips it was time to move onto the hard stuff ( no pun intended)

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