Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Vietnamese Breakfast Bonanza

Now, just to avoid any confusion let me clear up a few things, this was not the breakfasts of a full trip, nor was it the breakfast of the whole team.
This was merely the breakfast for one. Jose 'the consumer' bass.
To his delight breakfast was included and completely limitless, although we did think if ever the staff at The Nam Hai have been close to refusing guests another plate refill then surely this must be it.
Breakfast number 1: chilli beef and noodle soup

Breakfast number 2: bacon, beans and hash brown

Breakfast number 3: chicken curry

Breakfast number 4: pastry selection

This resulted, in food sweats I've never before witnessed. (who knew someone could sweat so much from the top of their nose?!)
On the way back to the room, he declared, I don't even feel that full.
God help Vietnam ...
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  1. Jodie, can't say enough how much we ( Jose's family) enjoy the pictures of Jose "gulping" his food! Hope you guys are used to him by now!
    Besides work, Jose thinks of what he will eat next right after a big meal,yah?
    You guys are lucky to go places where most can only dream also enjoy your gourmet meals as if it will be your last!

  2. Oh I have seen this before!! Jose's eating sweats!! He must be in heaven!!lol Miss u Jose!! xo Angie