Monday, 2 April 2012

Spicy tomato and olive Tuna pasta bake

Apologise for the late post, the hot weather seemed to have gone to my head, I thought the hotter it was the more I had to drink, apparently this wasn't the case. WTF?!

Anyway last week me, Nellist that is, and my live in partner Lynne headed to stylist to the stars house Heath 'memory like a golf fish' massi for an Australian/Hull fusion dine..

Well the fusion was more about the occupants of the household than the actual meal. Heaths wonderful fiancé Paul is also from glamorous 'city to the stars' Hull (what?! Im not lying?! Im sure The beautiful south lived there for a few weeks in '98?)

Anyhoo Heath cooked us up his special of 'spicy tomato olive and tuna pasta bake topped with mature tasty cheese, and a baby leaf rocket salad with a balsamic honey and extra virgin olive oil dressing' and it was deeelish!!!

Cute!!! The rest of the evening was spent quoffing lots of wine, slagging off ex boyfriends ( you know who you are) and discussing plans for the wedding of the century... Kate and Wills will have nothing on this bad boy!

I wonder if we could maybe get the beautiful south to sing a number or two ...Hull connections and all that innit.

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