Saturday, 21 April 2012

Fish Central With New Look

With the biggest PR team and the biggest fashion team in the industry, a LOOK/New Look meet up was always going to be carnage. Fish Central didn't know what hit it!!

Anyway, first up we had some fishy entree's - whitebait, which I'm not convinced about tbh, eating fish heads doesn't sit well with me. There was also calamari, i was going to take a pic but everyone knows what that looks like, right? (if you don't, leave this blog immediately).

Me and Kate had the sea bass, asparagus and tomatoes off the specials menu. Kate loved it so much she got up close and personal. Kisses like a wet fish, much? Fiona had a lovely looking cod dish, Rachel had the snapper with king prawns (cue food envy) and Sarah kept it real with fish and chips. I have no idea what they had on the other 3/4 of the table, perhaps they should do a separate post. There was lots of wine, to the extent where Peter frowned upon me ordering merely a glass ("ok i'll have a bottle") and Jodie was surgically attached to a bottle of red, good luck with packing for Vietnam.

Peter was on top form, telling us how drunk he used to get when he was a PR at another high street store which shall remain nameless. Corr i could murder some percy pigs right now.

Enjoyably, because i had no clue where we were, we were all treated to addy lee's to get us home. Could we BE any more fashion? Thanks new look, you're the best.

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