Monday, 2 April 2012

Cuban Special - Post 1

Thanks to the most disgusting plane food we have ever experienced,(the carrot/oil side still remains a mystery), the food diary of the Hannah (x2) Cuba trip didn't exactly get off to the best start. But as Gary Barlow et al wisely sang, things can only get better - and with the exception of a meal so salty Hughesy projectile vomited in the street,they certainly did get better.
First up, a visit to Fresa y Chocolate. (Strawberry Chocolate to those of you who aren't multi lingual like us). I had the snapper, which was delicious, and according to one of our uber witty photographers, was accompanied by skeleton fingers. I would say this put me off but I have a stomach of steel - unlike some people.
Peter's fried plantain didn't go down very well unforts.
Parma ham looked pretty but was let down by soggy asaragus later that evening. I enjoyed the chicken, veg, mash and gravy though - and not because it was rather english inspired.
On shoot the next day me and Peter 'I like to say penis a lot' Lux worked really hard at posing with some coconuts. Until the novelty wore off and I started to get that sicky milky feeling. Stomach of steel failed me in 30 degree heat.
After being turned away from our eating place of choice by 'stressy sweaty man waiter' - for reasons unbeknown he was dressed like Napoleon - we settled on a restaurant where we sat outside a church which had images of the pope projected onto it. It was ever so colourful (that's what we like at Look) but the religious singing was a bit offputting. Apologies, choir boys, I'm more of a 90s pop gal.
anyway, we had a selection of fishy starters, and then I had snapper again for main.
I would say I've eaten too much fish, but thankfully our dishes weren't still swimming like the Tokyo dines Andrews has been experiencing. Eichler

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