Saturday, 31 March 2012

Warm Sushi and Fish Tale Miso

So here's my first sushi experience in Japan. I went for a bowl of hot rice with warm sashimi over the top. Wasn't expecting the warmth, I'm obsessive over hot food- ask Downie who watches me obliterate my porridge most mornings in the Blue Sky Cafe (cool as, don't care what they say) but the warmth was fine as the fish was beaut. Not sure what half of it was, like....

When done I sipped my Miso. I was very jetlagged after an 11 hour flight (despite the bed in first class... Thats right, first class... the only way I travel) so i was pretty dreary. However I was soon awoken when this guy popped up from beneath the tofu

Snake was less impressed by a visit from our little Miso-swimming friend so I drank his too.

Despite me being a fish lover, unexpected body parts in food are my limit. That's the Japanese equivalent of finding chicken foot in your Heinz tomato soup.

Sayonara. Andrews x

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