Friday, 2 March 2012

Post Look Party Carb Fest

As detailed in Hughesy's informative post (not sure what the pogo thing is about tbh) we were all feeling a bit 'jaded' in the off this morning. We all got in late...and i mean late - even our neighbouring monthly titles were in before us. Anyway, after my sausage sanger from brekkie went down, the fashion and beauty assistant pack totted/stumbled down to the refo to bid farewell to looks lovely online assistant Lissa. Club sandwiches were a popular choice but me and Rachel Story opted for cheese burgers. With chips, obvs - lets not waste away now. It was a liquid lunch for Sarah Ridge who had some form of juice - appaz nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, and I wont lie i did feel a bit sick after. The guilt soon subsided as by the time 7 floors in a lift went by it was time for a Lola's cupcake. Well, it is Look's bday after all. #dietstartsmonday

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