Friday, 16 March 2012

Mygdals Birthday Party (?) Dinner

Last night we visited The Corner Room at Bethnal Green for a posh tea for Mygdals Belated Birthday party. And what a party it was!!

The Corner Room (owned by the same people who do Vijante) don't take booking so we kept our fingers crossed that we wouldn't have a long wait...

 We needed have bothered.... there was no one else in there.  The waitress kindly reminded us that we only had the table for two hours, shame really as we were planning to be out for the long haul.

To start we shared squid with romesco, leeks and chorizo crumbs. Totes delish

Followed by beetroot with butternut squash and stracciatella. Stracciatella is perhaps ones of the most delicious cheeses known to man. You should try it.

As a big porridge fan (yes, I even like the one in the IPC Blue Sky Cafe and will happily admit that as it's ironic that it's not cool and therefore is. You get me?) I couldn't resist opting for the cod and clam porridge. Sounds very Heston, no? It wasn't. Give me an Oatso Simple any day of the week.

The other gals went for a not so hearty steak. Which was nice but when you leave a restaurant and salivate at the sight of local Hackney kebab shops you know you've not had enough.

It was all going well, prosecco was flowing, Mygdal was her usual sexual self ("I feel sooo zexy in springtime)  discussing her latest conquest involving lots of claw like hand gestures   "Grrr... his name's Ben and he has HUUUGE muscles and is sooo zexy"
The clock struck 7.30 when Mygdal announced she had to leave soon as she had a date with said man (well, boy, the guys only about 21). WTF!!!! Luckily we managed to drag her kicking and screaming to The London Fields pub where she had one more drink then left.

Lovely to see her of course (she's hilarious) but the money spent means that this girls company works out at a rate of around £30 an hour. You can get cheaper prostitutes.

The Corner Room is worth a try be be warned: Never order porridge with fish in it (what was I thinking?!) and make sure you've got bread in for the inevitable peanut butter on toast when you get in.

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