Monday, 5 March 2012

Ginger Tea

As a yorkshire gal born and bred (ever heard of Richmond North Yorkshire??) I love a good brew hence why I am the best tea maker on the Fash desk. Of course my heart lies with Yorkshire tea (semi, no sugars plz), however I am not averse to trying new things.

This home made ginger tea is inspired by Hull's finest Jane Nellist who bought the ginger on a trip to the local Bangla shop in Mile Endz with Jodie for just 30p.
30p!!!!!!!! Ginger bargain.

I visited said Bangla shop and bought their best quality root ginger to start tea making proceedings.

Take a clump (?) of raw ginger around this size. Picture is for perspective purposes only, NOT to show off new sparkly 9 diamond engagement ring.

Admittedly, raw ginger is about as attractive as Katy Perry without make up but trust me the result is delish.

Peel and chop and boil in big pan for 2 - 3 hours. Top up water when it reduces. When done the liquid should be a pale ginger - much like Petro's hair.

Then strain through a sieve and store in airtight container in the fridge (once cooled).

Use as you would cordial and add hot water. A healthy, all natural, good for well-being, delicious tea. I felt good after myself from just two sips AND it tastes like a fox's ginger crunch. A winning formula, no?!

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