Monday, 12 March 2012

The Birthday Boys tea

To celebrate the turtle reaching the big 3-2 we did... Well absolutely nothing.

After a bed time of 10am where I literally had to send his friends home and prise the bottle of white wine out of his hands. He was in no fit shape to do anything... Except a takeaway nandos and the film 'warrior' oh the glamorous life we lead.

However the next day we hit the princess of shoreditch for a Sunday roast.

Roast beef, Yorkshire, roast potatoes, carrot and suede mash, red cabbage and greens.

Mr greedy pants went for the trio of meats where you got chicken, beef and pork. However seeing beef was the best someone lucked out. Gutted. Bet your regretting your 'no sharing' rule now.

Followed by cheese and walnut and raisin bread

Really was a delish dine in a supercute dining room. Even if i did get lost for twenty mins and he was still later than me.

Til next year turtle ... I promise to be better and whip you up yourself in edible form. Genius.

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