Saturday, 17 March 2012

A-Frae-Zing Yogurt

After our amazing sangers me Nellist and Downie need a palette cleanser and the lovely PR from FRAE had said we could have complimentary yoghurts to review for the whatdidyouhavefortea so we trotted to Boxpark in Shoreditch to the delightful FRAE, a fat free frozen yoghurt bar

Spoilt for choice with the toppings. Nellist won on this one as we decided her option of granola and blueberries was the best combo. Note to self, crunch is good.

Downie went for white chocolate and raspberries. Check out these generous portions. These were a size small. The couple next to us opted for medium which Downie thought was greedy. She perhaps shouldn't have said this loudly whilst said couple were in fact still stood next to us.

They were DELICIOUS. So you can imagine our surprise when I spotted that they are a mere 87 kcals. HOW do they do this?? HOW???? We discussed this further to see if we could think of just how they manage to make something that tastes so good fat free?? Skimmed milk aint even fat free and this tastes waaaaay better. Answers on a postcard please.

Not only is FRAE a delish dessert/snack/breakfast its totes guilt free so if like me you watch the kcals but have a sweet tooth it's snack perfection.

Once done our bellies were full and it was time to leave. Not before discussing how hefty their leccy bills are likely to be though, this place has more lights than Blackpool Illuminations. 

Thanks FRAE your miracle defying frozen yoghurts hit the spot. A whatdidyouhavefortealastnight thumbs UP.