Sunday, 25 March 2012

Posh Petrus Dine

I was über excited for Petrus for two good reasons. 1) Kate claims a PR ate there and nearly cried because it was the best thing she had ever eaten. 2) it sounds a bit like my name. The Stofberg's ascended en mass (prepare for a lot of plate posing) and we had a jolly old time.

Pre starter starter- posh dine standard. Basically a yummy fish cake in tartar sauce. (No tears yet)

                   Ballottine of foie gras and duck. Basically rich meat cake (moist eyes no tears)

Rita with her sea bass- looking proud and every so slightly like Harry Potter's mum.

Sam looking smug over his sea scallops. They were a taste sensation.

Paps with Langoustine, Dorset snails?! and crispy chicken wing (apaz it worked, I remain unconvinced)

Me with my pork lion and suckling pig belly (I LOVE MEAT)

Sam's lamb with sweetbreads(not what you think) roasted butternut squash and pine nuts

Gareth's beef wellington (I was slightly jels on this it looked amazing, both him and my dad  ate theirs so fast none of us where offered a taste, apparently they forgot,

    My chocolate sphere which then had chocolate poured over it....


                Burgh more chocolate felt like Augustus Gloop.

                                My fave pud bite white chocolate covered popping candy ice cream and mini cornettos

Marga and her star anise creme brulee, with liquorish. She found the plate posing hiler!

All in all it was a delightful, fun dinner, no one cried which was a shame , and although the food was 5 star I  wasn't blown away. Maybe it was the hype, maybe it was the name but I just expected a little something more WOW.

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