Friday, 2 March 2012

A birthday hangover bacon sarnie

Today this bacon sandwich is my bff. The morning after turning 32 (yes anon was correct I was still clinging onto 31 last week) at quite possibly the biggest EVER bash held for moi. Oh alright it was actually in aid of LOOK's 5th birthday but we managed to tag mine on too.

So today only bacon will fix this sore head, and having taken the day in preparation of a MONSTER hangover over, I shall spend the day on my lonesome meaning... 1. I actually drew this ketchup heart for myself (loser) 2. I am bored already. 3 I can't even spend the day watching jezza kyle because I can't work my own frigging tv! (still puzzles me why sooo many remotes/wires are needed- Alfie?).

Still acting like a student (note 32 +1 day) I even stole the bacon from another member of my household, making for an even tastier treat. The one who made me these deliciously moist cakes, 2 which i pigged out on at 3am.

Oh and what a night. The after-party ending is a little blurry, but fragmented memories are... 'Sexy pout' zoe's army roll entrance into the black cab (still laughing!), finding my long lost pogo dancing twin- Hannah 'can see again' Eichler, Downie's impressive eye roll into back of head, and dancing on the sofa with Rachel 'so much bag envy' in quite possibly the wankiest club known to humankind- the kinda place where 4 G&T's cost £60!

So until next year, 'no blog' is signing off.

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