Saturday, 17 March 2012

A Turner and Roast Sanger

Thanks to the soaring success of the whatdidyouhavefortea blog. The lovely Lisa Goody of miss selfridge fame offered us a complimentary, yes I did say complimentary, trip to her fellas sandwich van.
So me Andrews and Downie hit brick lane for our v important review. AAGILL
Tucked away in Trumans brewery is Turner and Roast and possibly the cutest sandwich seller weve ever seen.

So after drawing straws over who introduces ourselves. shy? Us? Never! We met the lovely, lovely nick #swoon.

The options of Sanger were roast chicken, lamb or pork or a halloumi option for all those lesser people ... I mean veggies. Served on either white or low GI ciabatta.

Me and Andrews shared a chicken with mustard and rocket

And the roast pork with rocket, mustard and sliced pickled onions.

Wheato downie went for all 3 meats with apple sauce and mint sauce on paper mmmmmm

They were beyond delish, our mouths are watering just thinking about them.

Deffo worth a visit for the hottest piece of meat in east London...
And the sandwiches aren't bad either.

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