Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Sunday Sausage Roll

After being inspired by a rival food blog, getinmygob we <3 you. I decided to make some sausage rolls, the turtles excitement could only possibly be surpassed by Liverpool winning the league....Seriously if I get sent anymore pictures on Steven Gerrard celebrating a goal I won't be responsible for my actions,

So The pressure was on!


Chop up red onion, I used my BRAND NEW chopping equipment, middle age I'm coming to get you.

Oven fry with some fresh sage.

Get some good quality sausages and take out of the skin... This looks gross and rude. lolling (maybe nearing middle age, doesn't mean I have to act it)

Flour a board an roll out some puff pastry, and cut in half

Mix the sausage meat and the cooled down sage and onions and some breadcrumbs, and place down the middle of the pastry.

Glaze the pastry with some egg and milk wash.

Chop into size and place on a baking tray. Fold the pastry over and seal with a fork.

Cook in the over for 25 mins.

The most delish sausage rolls ever, even better than greggs, which coming from me #greggsnumber1fan is saying something.

And I've never seen the turtle so happy, instant marriage material, done.


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