Friday, 2 March 2012

A Romantic Weekend Break

So me, Snake, Stuffbags (that's how you say it in Africans, tres chic!) and Manners hit the highway to the Cotswolds for a weekend break in Woodstock. Which, as it transpired, isn't the place where the festival used to happen. That one's in America apaz.

The weekend included a lunch in a pub, where I opted for a duck egg salad. It was actually a scotch egg with salad. Annoying I had thought that "Scotch Duck Egg Salad" meant that the duck had come from Glasgow. Didn't realise the bloody thing would be breaded

Anyway this was followed by afternoon tea in Hampers (heard of it? No? We went 3 times - in an hour. They wouldn't seat us the first 2 so the third time we snuck in a back entrance. We showed Hampers godammit) and then a 5 course meal with palette cleansers (posh).

After a really long walk to Blenheim Palace and turning back once we hit the car park (£20 entry, that's a total of £80 for all 4 of us -  you could practically build your own palace for that) we were ready for our dine at The Feathers. Which for the record is a very nice hotel with nice furniture but a bad taste in rugs. We also got an amazing deal through our new fave website

Salmon mousse with risotto balls in a bed of "sand". Hmm...

A butternut squash mini soup which tasted like Horlicks. YUM.

Snake and smoked organic salmon.

Discussions  included whether or not the Manley/Stofbergs should get a nanny in order to get a dog (Pet's idea of course), the extortionate prices of elephant ornaments in neighbouring shops and how well the Indians do tonic water. I told you - very civilised and grown up.

Above, Sam with stone sea bass. Below, assiette of suckling pig (aka pork). 

Hmm can't quite remember this course- it was a palette cleanser of sort (what did I say posh!)

Bitter chocolate pave!

As if we hadn't eaten enough time for the British cheese board.

After lots of wine, vodka, whiskeys etc we retired to bed (or floor in the Manley/Stofbergs case - weird).

A very lovely civilised weekend all round

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