Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sunday lunch at Corrigan's of Mayfair

So the Stofberg's hit Corrigan's in Mayfair for Mothers Day, only the best for Mamma Rita! We opted for the Library dining experience which means you literally eat in the kitchen, next to the chef. Now despite the thin glass door which you can close there isn't anything to separate you from the kitchen and the on suing chaos a high end restaurant goes through on a mothering Sunday lunch sitting. Perhaps it was the blood, sweat and pain that we could literally hear from the kitchen "That plate is hot, now I don't give a shit if you burn yourself but I care if the customers do", but the food tasted the better for it.

The Kitchen- so close you could dress your own dinner, nearly offered once when the lanky waiter got shouted at. (Cue stories about Sam working at Cafe Rouge)
Canape, olives stuffed with feta deep fried- what's not to love, followed by rosemary buns and rock salt butter! 

My froie gras pate on brioche. Melting moments for carnivores.

Lady of the moment- my mom with her lamb mains (she is a Saffer!) Big C in the background.

Lamb close up (mouth watering just looking at it)

Sam and I went fishy, Red Mullet with crab ravioli pour moi and fish pie for him (he was going for colour co-ordinated eating)

Roast beef with all the trimmings.

Chocolate trio, not sure exactly the combo but the dark chocolate sorbet going on my death row meal.

Coffee with orange Madeline's.

Do you want to know what this feast cost us, £27 for the menu! £27! I've spent more in Nando's. I say go, go before they wise up and realise they're undercharging. Mamma Stofberg's verdict 'Well we can go there again.' High praise indeed.

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  1. He may bore people with stories of Cafe Rouge, he may look daft with colour coordinated dining but at least he can spell ensuing.