Saturday, 17 March 2012

Asian banquet: no recipes included

So, after a delightful day of free lunches and wedding dress shopping me and Andrews decided we fancied a healthy Asian style tea.

So free styling like the youths we whipped up some Chinese delights that would have Ken Hom shaking in his kimono. Wrong country? Whatevs...

It was greatly aided by the fact Grace Mills informed us we'd been living 10 mins from a chinese supermarket. Soy sauce for 65p, now this is living!

The menu consisted of dim sum to start, followed by chilli and garlic king prawns, egg fried rice, soy and sesame pak choi and spinach and haddock with ginger, spring onion and chilli.

The ingredients from our new favourite place

To start  - steamed pork Sui Mai and prawn dumplings that Kate thought were as good as ping pong. Restaurant standard. And what?!

Followed by the haddock cooked in the oven for 15 mins

The prawns marinated in chilli, oil and garlic, the longer they're marinated the tastier.

The egg and sesame oil for the egg fried rice.

And the finished product, it was quite simply uncredible and not even that high on the kcals.
A dine worthy of celebrity chef status. Come on James Martin, pick up the bloody phone....

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