Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Perfect Steak

So ... The turtle, whose cooking skills start and end with omelette and chips, reads an article about how to cook the perfect steak in the Times and decides that he MUST cook us one.
Now for someone who would opt for iceberg in a sandwich over rocket and salad cream over mayo, this began to slowly fill me with fear.
His recipe which he repeated to me about 30 times thoughout the day went as follows:
1. Buy steak.. I made him buy fillet for fear he may go go for braising.
2.Leave out for an hour to breathe.
3. Get a frying pan so hot, you can't hold hand above it.
4. Depending on thickness of the steak, cook for 1 min per cm on each side.
5.Warm oven for a minute then serve.
The result: it actually turned out extremely tasty, despite the fact I couldn't help myself interfering which resulted in us both telling the other to F-off. Ahhhh sweet.

Good work Currie, maybe there's hope for you yet. Looks like those similarities with Simon Rimmer just keep on coming.


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