Sunday, 4 March 2012

Delish Sunday Side- Dauphinoise Potatoes

To accompany the Sunday roast for myself, Lynne, Andrews and 'The Snake' I whipped up some pileonthekcals dauphinoise.

Sorry for the gag free post, but there's not much funny about cooking a potato dish on a sunday, on your own.

Fry off some garlic and pancetta

Peel and thinly slice some waxy potatoes, like King Edwards or Maris Pipers.

I know this because my dad's in the game. And by that I mean a fruiterer not prostitute.

Fry off with the garlic and pancetta

Add in single cream and full fat milk, or go for double if you're feeling particularly rexy

Pour into a baking dish,add rocket, cover in parmesan and cook in the oven for about 45 mins

Served with roast chicken and green beans... Yum. The rest of the afternoon was spent discussing high brow issues.., such as, which part of the gremlins film could actually happen in real life.

The after dinner carb coma

Okay okay, hes actually given up carbs for lent and didn't touch the tasty spuds. The energy lull was less to do with complex carbs and probably more the amount of alcohol consumed the night before.

Vomited on the bus anyone?

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