Tuesday, 20 March 2012

NOPI Brunch

As a fan of Ottelenghi (never actually knowingly tried any of his stuff but it looks BEAUT) I was well up for trying out Nopi for brunch.

Me, Sweeney, Jonesy and Grace met up for chats over Shakshuka, french toast with star anise sugar, courgette fritters with lime mayo and borlotti bean stew with chorizo.

I went for this

Shakshuka; a rich slightly spicy tomato sauce with braised eggs and topped with creamy smoked labneh (er.. It's a cheese idiots!!)

Omg. Delish.

Jonesy of course opted for courgette and manouri cheese fritters with a lime mayo

Amazing. I tried some.

So just as we had finished and discussed how much we all enjoyed it I made a trip to the ladies.

WOW. I'm not joking.... The BEST toilet experience ever. Nope, I'm talking finding a winning lottery ticket or a cracking ingrown hair but these toilets are something else!!

You're encased in wall to wall mirrors making it tricky to work out where the toilet doors are - or even the door to leave. It's totes Crytal Maze but super swank at the same time. Fun times!!

The pics don't do it justice but trust me it's that good - I revisited purely to get these so APPRECIATE.

Amazing brunch and the best bogs in London. They've got a USP right there.

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